Thursday, April 6, 2017

Principles of Chinese Medicine: A Modern Interpretation (2nd edition)

As the world's most comprehensive and deeply researched system of alternative and complementary medicine, Chinese medicine enjoys a large following in scientifically developed communities. Yet its concepts and principles have been shrouded in mystery and obscure language. This path-breaking book strips this ancient science of its mystique and metaphysical pretentions and interprets it to strike common ground with biomedical science. Concepts like qi and meridians are interpreted not as physical entities, but as constructs to facilitate diagnosis and therapy using heuristic models.

Written for medical professionals, philosophers of medicine and discerning readers interested in holistic therapies, the book offers a unique perspective of Chinese medicine in an advanced biomedical world. It has practical chapters on cardiovascular disease, irritable bowel syndrome and cancer, and a compilation of Chinese herbs. This second edition of the acclaimed Theory of Chinese Medicine has a new material on chronic diseases and the intriguing possible convergence of biomedicine and TCM.

"This is a book which should not be missed by anyone with an interest in Chinese medicine."
Emeritus Professor Donald Gillies
Dept of Science and Technology Studies, University College, London

"A fascinating book with special implications for medical professionals evaluating TCM as a genuine science and therapeutic armamentaria."
The American Journal of Chinese Medicine

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